Business Central: CurrPage.Update from codeunit - or get Line No. from subpages missing CurrPage.Upd

MikkelLMikkelL Member Posts: 2
Hello Gurus.

I am currently working on a solution, where a page pops up, after entering item no. on a subpage. On the popup page, it is possible to enter some quantity and new lines are inserted below the first line.

I have made a codeunit, with an event to the subpage on the salesdocuments (quote, order, invoice, cr.memo, returnorder). and the same on the purchase side.
Like this:
[EventSubscriber(objecttype::Page, page::"Sales Quote Subform", 'OnAfterValidateEvent', 'No.', true, true)]

On "Sales Quote", "Sales Order" ect. it works fine. Because the the subpage contains a CurrPage.Update.
But i doesn't work on "Sales Cr. Memo Subform", "Purch. Cr. Memo Subform" and "Purch. Invoice Subform". Because the isn't any CurrPage.Update. Please see below pictures.



If I just create an eventsubscriber on "OnAfterInsert" my popup-page arrives, after changing line.

How do I get pass this ? / is there a workaround for this ?


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