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Hi team,

We noticed that when we would Refresh the PRD, the Backflush would schedule EVERY item to end at the Due date and flow backwards even if they go through the same work center (see two lines below). However our Work Center Capacity is currently set at 1, which to me would mean that it would only be able to process one item at a time and thus the items should be staggered in serial, not stacked in parallel. Would you happen to know why the jobs are scheduling on top of each other even though our Work Center Capacities are set to 1?


One thing I have determined is that the issue seems to be with Items who only have an interaction in a Work Center. If items have a component/sub-component relationship, then they are correctly scheduling the sub-component to be completed before the component can starts its routing (See below, the sub-component ASWP is correctly scheduled before the finished components ASWK & ASWP).



However the ASWK and ASWT are scheduled to start and finish at the same time. They both share the same Work Center, and can be completed in any order, but the Work Center should only be able to do 1 at a time (e.g. Capacity = 1?)


N.Shyam Kumar
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