Navision 2017 AWS signature V4

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How to generate amazon signature from Navision?
My code:

ouputs should be:
kDate = '969fbb94feb542b71ede6f87fe4d5fa29c789342b0f407474670f0c2489e0a0d'
kRegion = '69daa0209cd9c5ff5c8ced464a696fd4252e981430b10e3d3fd8e2f197d7a70c'
kService = 'f72cfd46f26bc4643f06a11eabb6c0ba18780c19a8da0c31ace671265e3c87fa'
kSigning = 'f4780e2d9f65fa895f9c67b32ce1baf0b0d8a43505a000a1a9e090d414db404d'

for kDate I get correct string, but for kRegion I get:
kRegion := 'a59e30f9d899c47b3dd68ea1c0ab3bb529e03a8f4ed2f54cb64af547330a22a0'

I tried with online generators and get same as amazon, correct string, but gets same value as I do.

Does anyone knows whats the problem?


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  • JJMcJJMc Member Posts: 56
    Howdy Nina77

    I have the very same problem.
    Did you find a soluction?
    Dis you manage to connect to Amazon?
  • nina77nina77 Member Posts: 5
    Hello JJMc,

    I found a solution.
    I created .dll, It's too complicated to create key from NAV.
    If you need help, let me know.

  • ariukaariuka Member Posts: 19
    Hi, Nina.

    Could you please share your solution?
    I am working on the similar project.

    Thank you in advance.

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