How do i correct Invemtory valuation report that shows item with 0 quantity but value

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Good day everyone,
I currently work as an ERP Analyst and we use NAV 2017.Recently, when we run our inventory valuation report, we discovered there are some items that have 0 quantity but with value

Please note:
1.Our Average Cost Calc Type in Inventory Setup is set to Item.

2.When we run the inventory valuation, we run for all locations.

How do i go about correcting this please?

Thanks for your help.


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    Hi Yemi,
    1. Try using the Boolean (expected cost) in the report request page.
    2. Did you adjust the cost, if not run the "adjust cost- item entries" batch, before starting the batch try to backup because this batch will post many entries to different ledgers.
    3. Check there are any cuatomizations in the report or entry tabels like Value Entry, Item Ledger Entry and G/L Entry which will effect the report data.
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