Purchase Invoice Extra unfilled line error while posting

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I'm getting this error when i post only the filled purchase lines in the invoice. The lines from 100000-150000 are filled correctly.But when I post its showing:- No. must have a value in Purchase Line: Document Type=Invoice, Document No.=EXP/CMUM/20-21/00161, Line No.=160000.It cannot be zero or empty. Although, line No. 160000 is unfilled or empty its throwing this error. Anyone kindly provide solution for this problem.



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    Akshay_RAkshay_R Member Posts: 2
    Finally i got the solution.It was the issue in G/L Setup where the GST Inv.Rounding Account had no value and the value was 41920--GST Rounding Difference.Now,the Purchase Invoice is Posting.
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