Dynamics NAV Development Environment in Azure VM used locally

Hi Group Members,

We have a situation, where we are trying to use Azure VM as our NAV Server and SQL Database Server and when we trying to save changes in the Table. We get the following error.


Please find below further more environment details for your information.

NAV Server and SQL Server is hosted on AZURE VM
NAV Development Environment and client works fine, when connect Azure VM through RDC.
NAV Client can be connected to NAV Service from outside Azure VM with NAVUserPassword credential type
NAV environment is having single database multiple companies in is having single Tenant.
When the Development Environment import object but with option snyc / complile later.
But when we open Development Environment in developers Laptop, open a NAV database on Azure VM and try to make changes or add new fields in the tables we get above error or try to sync table

We have already tried following things to resolve the above issue, but the issue is not resolved.

Turned off Windows Firewall on both Azure VM and developer laptop (Windows 10 Enterprise Edition)
Management service is also configured in NAV service and endpoint is also configured on Azure cloud
Configured in development environment in Tools -> Options, entered server port, service name and management port.

We have managed to narrow down the issue to the database information show VM name instead of IP in such a manner that when you run a table NAV doesn't the instance i.e it search for azurevm:7046/bc130 instead of x.x.x.x:7046/bc130. we tried change the server name in nav administration but it causes more problems


  • edwinschuttenedwinschutten Member Posts: 8
    Do you get this error message on the server or on the laptop? Create an empty file for example test-connection.udl. Open this file (doubleclick) and fill in the database name and credentials. Click on test connection. Do you get an error message?
  • briancheruiyotbriancheruiyot Member Posts: 2
    Thank you. I am getting the error during compilation and synchronization after successfully connecting in the laptop.
    Below is the screenshot

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