How to get


All of the "Header" data fields in the Demand Forecast page 99000919 are global variables. I want to default the View by Period to Month and also verify the same when the page closes. How can I get that value?

A. I have tried using Modify(PeriodType) to get the value from the OnAfterValidate trigger. PeriodType shows up in the intellisense when I use the Modify, but I get a compiler error that PeriodType does not exist in the current context when I try to use it.

trigger OnAfterValidate()
MyPeriodType := PeriodType;

B. I also tried to use the VS Code teventsub code snippet to subscribe to the OnAfterValidate event for PeriodType, but there is nothing exposed.

[EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Page, Page::"Demand Forecast", 'OnBeforeValidateEvent', 'PeriodType', true, true)]

Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks in advance for any ideas and/or suggestions.
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