Purchase VAT Account Change for Purchase Line

Hi! Good afternoon!

I would like to know if someone could help me with a situation. I need the Purchase VAT Account field to be changed for each line if it has different lines.

For example, if line 1, your Purchase VAT Account is the account on line 1. And if it is line 2, the Purchase VAT Account is line 2.

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    angelreynosogangelreynosog Member Posts: 9
    Hi Mrs. Slawek_Guzek

    Thansk for the answers.

    So if you'd have the same product listed twice, on a purchase order with two lines, you'd want to have VAT posted to 2 different G/L accounts?

    Yes I have listed the products twice, what I want is VAT to be added along with the products.

    What is the purpose of such posting? What are you trying to achieve?

    My purpose is the following sir, if I have the pen product that goes to account 61 of the expense, I want to take the VAT to the same account and not to the VAT account that I have configured in VAT. It is a method to place the cost of the item or the account that I am using plus VAT.


    For example, I put an image where perhaps it can be a little more explicit. In the image I have the account 8320 and I have a total without VAT of 450. In this same account I want to place the amount of VAT that would be in this case 15% which would be 67.50. The invoice as such would be 517.50
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