Whether it is possible to use a debugger to understand from what place object are call?

For example I can view page as a developer.

But I have to understand the place which page is calling from?

Can I use debugger in this case?


  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Netherlands, theMember Posts: 30
    edited 2020-10-28
    In case of C/AL debugging until BC14: start a debugger session. When the debugger is running now press the Break button in the debugger Window. Now perform some action on the page and the debugger should now break on the logic it's is going to perform.

  • Tony_NCDTony_NCD Member Posts: 10
    Indeed you can but it will only tell you from where your break occurred, not all. If the page can be called from multiple places then you may not know where else may be referring to it. On the other hand, there's an app called NAVCore Objects Manager that will help you find all references to the page or objects. It may not be perfect since it can't find dynamically referenced objects such as reports that are defined as part of a report selection but it does a pretty good job of finding objects referenced in code. Take for example the Sales Order page, it can be referenced by more than a dozen other objects.

  • irasoelbaksirasoelbaks Netherlands, theMember Posts: 30
    Thanks for the great information. It looks like there are similarities with Stati c/al Prism which also offers some of the functionalities you mentioned.

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