BC 17, Table Sales price and resource price is marked for removal:

Faran123Faran123 Member Posts: 8
Since BC 16, Table sales price and resource price has been marked for removal: I'm using these table to find unit price of items and resources. Is there any other workaround available ? how to get item and resource prices ?


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 302

    That's how the new pricing will work. Sadly MS haven't activated the UI for the feature yet, so it's not accessible in the client right now (as of Wave2 2020). This is kind of concerning, since as developers we want to get rid of the warnings and do stuff the right way, on the other hand we don't really get the chance to in this case (unless you want to do temporary changes you have to roll back again when the feature comes).

    There're some posts in the BC-Dev yammer group though stating that they are working on it and will ship it with the next upcoming minor update.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
  • Faran123Faran123 Member Posts: 8
    thanks. What do you think, When will it become error ?
  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 302
    edited 2020-10-12
    sometime next year, MS communicated that obsolete functionality will stay in the Application for at least a year after beeing marked obsolete before beeing removed if i remember correctly.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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