Payment / Refund in Code

TESDeveloperTESDeveloper Member Posts: 39

We have the scenario where the Vendor Ledger Entries have a Payment Entry which is fully applied. The Customer wishes to update the Dimensions they have set for that entry, so manually we would unapply the entries, raise a refund applied to the payment and then process a new payment with updated dimensions and reapply the entries.

I am trying to automate the part where we build the Refund Journal and updated Payment Journal.

How would I be able to ensure I am applying the Refund to the correct Vendor Ledger Entry? Do I need to set the Applies-to ID to something random on the Vendor Ledger Entry and set the Applies to ID on the Gen Jnl to the same value? Should I complete that using the Vend. Entry-SetAppl.ID codeunit?

Has anyone completed development for a similiar scenario?

Thank you!


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