import AR Balance

JudeJude Member Posts: 1
Is there an easy way to import open AR so that both the Original amount and the remaining amount show?
Often this is different depending upon payments made to reduce.


  • jesperkenborgjesperkenborg JyllandMember Posts: 9
    I believe you refer to the scenario where the remaining amount is different than the original amount.
    In that case, there is no easy way. You will have to select one of this options:

    1. Fast
    - add the original amount to the text field

    2. Simple
    - add code that upon import of the transactions check if original amount and remaining amount is different, and then create one transaction that adjust for that and apply to the opening transaction

    3. Advanced
    - for all transactions where the original amount don’t match the remaining amount, you must also export the applied entries, and ensure they get matched upon import
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