Problem getting VS Code to attach to correct service

SunsetSunset Member Posts: 178
On a local machine I have installed BC140 straight out of the box. So I have BC140 service, I have the webserverinstance and development client. I can connect through the client and browser, everything is good.

For customer development purposes I have created a secondary service CUST-BC140 specified different portnumbers to avoid portsharing, and used New-NAVWebServerInstance to create a second webserver that connects to my CUST-BC140 nav service. Everything looks fine, I can connect to the customer database using the old client, and I can connect to http://localhost:8080/DynamicsNAV140-CUST/ on the browser.
But when I create a new AL:GO project in VSCode and point it to my customer service it still locks onto the old/original BC140 installation when trying to debug.

What am I doing wrong, or where should I search for the problem?

launch.json snip
"server": "http://localhost",
"serverInstance": "CUST-BC140",
"port": 8049
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  • alphaxandraalphaxandra Member Posts: 4
    Is debugging enabled on the new server instance you've made? Have you tried closing and opening VS Code?
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