How to link files in Dynamics Business Central 160

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We are updating from NAV 2017 to BC160 that runs only on the web client and no longer has a RTC.
The link functionaly has been radically changed. You can link to an internet URL or sharepoint file easlily, but we have not been able to set up a link to a network or local file.

This link will work perfectly:

But if I try to use a link of the type: file:///Q:/VN/Adjuntos/EL0400-088.pdf I will get an 'Invalid URL' message.
If I paste this address on the browser (Chrome) it works perfectly.

Does anybody have an idea of how to build the link so that BC will recognise it and open a local ot network file?
We have hundreds of links in our current NAV 2017 implementation (engineering drawings, invoices, product catalogs...) and not being able to move them over is not an option.


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    Looks like the server where Business Central is running and the context (serviceaccount) doesn't have a Q-drive. Please try using UNC paths instead of drive letters.
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