NAV 2009 R2 - trouble with licensing after moving database

Hello forum, I've done some searching on this, and find a few people struggling with licensing, but none of the issues seem to match ours. The problem is that we've moved (duplicated) our NAV 2009R2 db to a different server, but the license is not working. We dont have the original license file, even though we are able to login to the old database server and obtain the screenshots and license ID.

Can someone advise how to move forward with this? All of the data is very much legacy, and only used for reference purposes. No active changes in the system or database, so we dont want to upgrade. Is there someone at microsoft that we can call to get a new copy of our old license file to re-import? We are willing to pay a relocation-fee if nec, but hopefully its a simpler matter than that.


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