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I have a project for Nav 2013r2 and Nav2018

I have a table with many fields(photo)


I must to create a process(batch) that take value from other table and insert in this( for example id_customer = Sales Shipment Header"."Sell-to Customer No." and other field from another table and so and so)

Many fields are from Sales shipment header and sales shipment line...

How i can link all these table??

Thanks so much and sorry for my bad english


  • jesperkenborgjesperkenborg JyllandMember Posts: 9
    To solve this, you can use Linked Tables.

    That way you can make a table in e.g. NAV 2018 that can view/read any table in NAV 2013 (or any other SQL table), and that way you can process the data as you wish between the versions.

    I recall feature has been since NAV 3.6/3.7, maybe even earlier version.

    You can find a post about it for NAV 2013 here:

  • Me_OntourMe_Ontour Member Posts: 10
    Hi edo,

    in NAV 2018 you can build a Query object with the nessecary Tables an Fields.

    in NAV 2013 there are no Query Objects.
    Therfore you have to collect your Data (Report with DataItems) or
    build a SQL View and Use it as an LinkedObject


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