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I'm working for a project and I need to take field "Sales Account" on General Posting Setup and put it on custom table to field "Id Account".

The advice of project manager is:
THE ACCOUNT is enhanced by crossing between Item and Customer items; fields (Information) that we find in both in the shipment header and in the invoice header.

ITEM table: take field Gen. Prod. Posting Group)

Customer table: I take the Gen. Bus field. Posting Group

The intersection of these two fields must then be identified in the account setup table - GENERAL POSTING SETUP

I retrieve this link using the fields:

Each pair is linked to a sales account (Sales_account) -> So Sales_Account = ID_ACCOUNT

How can do this?

Thanks so much and sorry for bad english


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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    I think this is not very clear at all, I have no clue what this is supposed to do. It's easy enough to copy the Sales Account field from General Posting Setup to the Customer table, but then what... what is supposed to happen with that field? The posting routines find the sales account through the posting setup, are you supposed to change that logic? If so, then how? If it has to get the sales account from the Customer directly, then you are basically bypassing the role that the product posting group plays. This would be breaking standard functionality, which could be done by simple setup. Just give every Item the same product posting group and manage the sales account that way.

    I think the best place to go for more information is your project manager. Have them explain the details of this requirement.
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