Shopify Integration with D365BC

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Shopify Integration with D365BC
The following functionalities have been added in this App.

Upload Products with Variants
Update Products Inventory
Download Orders
Download Customers
Fulfilment and other functionalities can be added, if needed


table 50140 "Shopify Setup"
table 50141 "Shopify Staging Order Header"
table 50142 "Shopify Staging Order Line"
table 50143 "Shopify Item"
table 50144 "Shopify Item Variants"
tableextension 50140 Customer
pageextension 50140 "Customer Card"
codeunit 50140 "Shopify Management"
page 50140 "Shopify Setup"
page 50141 "Shopify Staging Orders"
page 50142 "Shopify Staging Order Lines"
page 50143 "Shopify Items"
page 50144 "Shopify Item Variants"
page 50145 "Shopify Dashboard"

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