[Business Central] Showing Notifications on Sales Oder Processor Role center Page

Faran123Faran123 Member Posts: 8
edited 2020-09-22 in NAV Three Tier
Hi Community,

I have a problem regarding notifications on my Business central 16 On Premises version. I am showing a notification on 'Order processor role center' page using 'OnRoleCenterOpen' EventSubscriber but what happens is when I refresh the role center page it refreshes twice and notifications appears twice but When I published same code on Business central Cloud version the role center page doesn't refreshes twice and notification appears only once which is correct. Does anyone know about this ?
PS: I am using CreateGuid() function for setting notification ids, I do not want to use hard coded value for Notification id because same notification is being used by different extensions and I want them to appear at same time.



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