Pass the value between pages

For example I have "Page A" and "Page B"

And I have to pass the value from "Page A" to the "Page B"
For this case I was created the function that takes as a parameter value(the value that I have to pass) on "Page B"
In the body of this function executes next: parameter := globalVar (where globalVar - global variable of "Page B")

And call this function from OnAfterGetRecord() trigger on "Page A" with value that I should pass as a parameter

But the value in globalVar stored during the "Page A" is open. When I open "Page B" the globalVar is empty

Why globalVar is empty and how I can avoid this? How I can store the value of variable forever?


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 138
    The function body on Page B should say "globalVar := parameter".
    Because you want to change the "globalVar", not the "parameter"
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