[SOLVED] Passing Data to JavaScript Addin

ozenineozenine Member Posts: 17
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Hi Guys,
We are starting with the Adding development and I was wondering what is the preferred way of passing a lot of data to JavaScript addin. Sure, passing single variables is simple, but what about something like an array? How about a record?
Any help is appreciated.


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    manjumanju Member Posts: 19
    As far as I know, we can pass data as JsonObject and JsonArray. Please let me also know if you have got any other inputs for this query :)

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    ozenineozenine Member Posts: 17
    Sounds interesting. I will search for manual creation of the JSON strings from NAV. My concern is that the NAV Text variable is only limited to 1024 characters, which now will include structural elements of JSON.
    My other idea is to make a string with a delimiter and then parse it in JavaScript. It is not pretty....
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    ftorneroftornero Member Posts: 522
    Hello @ozenine ,

    I don't know what NAV version are you using but since NAV 2013 the Text variables have not limit, at least not 1024 characters.

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    JJMcJJMc Member Posts: 59
    Don't hesitate................. JSon
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    ozenineozenine Member Posts: 17
    Thanks guys. Feel dumb. I guess I missed the fact that Text became unlimited. Now it makes sense.
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