Nav 2016 Json Page Api Postman Issue

omyvadiyaomyvadiya Member Posts: 121
I am using Nav 2016 CU1, in which i have created a List Page-50000 on table Item Ledger Entry and have used 3 fields (Item No.Remaining Qty & Location).

When i publish this page in web service, the ODATA link is working nav server & on my local machine (i.e; on public network).

But when i run the same in POSTMAN, it is showing 401 Unautorised error everytime.

I have checked on Administration service - NTLM = True, Enable Odata service = True

The Nav generated Odata link is running successfully on SOAP UI.

The motive is to consume this Odata link in php coding to get the inventory of the company.

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