Problems creating a WebIntance for BC160

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I'm trying to create a WebInstance with 2 different version of BC, 140 and 160.

140 works, but as far as BC16 is concern, when it opens the webbrowser it provokes and error:

The client version does not match the server version. You can only connect to a server with a matching version. Client version: 14.0.38650.0 Server version: 16.0.14648.15420

Any idea?

Thank you, in advance.


  • PoltergeistPoltergeist NetherlandsMember Posts: 195
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    What is the URL you are using? by default, BC140 webclient can be found on http://localhost:8080/BC140, while the 160 webclient is residing on http://localhost:8080/BC160. You might try a reinstall of the webclient.

    Usually, the webclientfiles are in the program files directory, so the following should work:
    Start powershell as administrator
    Import-Module "%programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\160\Service\NavAdminTool.ps1

    Remove-NAVWebServerInstance -WebServerInstance BC160

    New-NAVWebServerInstance -server localhost -serverinstance BC160 -WebServerInstance BC160 -ClientServicesCredentialType Windows -ClientServicesPort 7046 -publishfolder "%programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central\160\Web Client\WebPublish

    This should remove the current webserverinstance and create a new one, using the files in the BC160 directory. Use at own risk.
  • JJMcJJMc Member Posts: 21
    Thank you Poltergeis.

    I'll try all this that you say.

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