Incorrectly Posted Invoice

Hello all,
I am completely new to this program. I am replacing a woman who left very suddenly and has given me almost no guidance. I made a mistake and posted an invoice and did not also receive the shipping. How can I fix this? If anyone can please help I would appreciate it so much. I feel very lost in this program and cannot find anything online to help me.


  • AlexeyShaminAlexeyShamin Member Posts: 80
    NAV Version?
  • adhesive6adhesive6 Member Posts: 2
    Classic 5.0 (2009)
  • foo_barfoo_bar Member Posts: 91
    Sid you manually create the invoice? If you create an invoice manually, and post the invoice. nav will also create a shipment (modify the stock).
    So, imo, you can just delete the sales order?
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