Refresh Server Instance table

jordi79jordi79 Member Posts: 270
I am using NAV2018. But I have seen this issue in NAV2017 too.
I often back and restore databases to make copies of them to run on the same Server Box, but on different NAV server instance (running on different port nos).

But often I face a problem where the copy of the database refers to the old NAV server instance, and I cannot refresh this. I tried restarting the service and restarting the whole server box. I even checked the event logs, and it says that the service is started successfully.



  • lyngelynge Member Posts: 85
    Hi jordi79,
    You can clear the Server Instance table by emptying the table in SQL like described here:

    Have a look at "Task 7: Clear Dynamics NAV Server instance and debugger breakpoint records from old database", in particular this TSQL command:
    "DELETE FROM [<My NAV Database Name>].[dbo].[Server Instance]"

    Best regards,
    Gert Lynge

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