How register dll server on pc cilent

AlaaibrahimAlaaibrahim Member Posts: 2
i have focus accounting program , and i register dll file for active barcode and working in server , but i register dll file in cilent pc but not working .
This massage error :
activex component can't create object
Please help me


  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    You are using a dll as a variable? You have the property run on client that automatically download the dll from the server to the client in the temp folder and use it.


  • AlaaibrahimAlaaibrahim Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for replay but i can not understand , where is temp folder and this picture from what , from regedit or no and where is it ?
  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    If you are using a dll as a variable in the development environment just look at the properties (Shit + F4 on the variable lines) and you will see my screenshot.
    If a dll variable is defined run on client the rtc will download it on the user temp folder for run it locally. The path is "%TEMP%\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\Add-Ins". Just open it from the run.
    Local dll are cached, so everytime you update the dll version automatically nav download the new version from the istance to the client.
    More info:
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