XMP import problem

tinnatinna Member Posts: 27
edited 2020-08-21 in NAV Three Tier
Hi! I have made an xml import, I am importing a cell as follows
evaluate(table.field, myfield)
table(field, myfield)
the problem is if i do message before and after this code I am getting empty value and there is a value in the cell. the vaue is 'text01234'. if the vaue was only 'test' it would be okay
why and how can i fix this


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,102

    What is the type of field?
    What is the second line of code?
    table(field, myfield)
    looks invalid (or irrelevant) to me.
  • tinnatinna Member Posts: 27
    field is genjournalline.documentNo
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