Job Planning Lines Page very slow switching between fields and lines

rishi255rishi255 Member Posts: 1

We use the Jobs module and the job planning lines table is very big. We have about 50 jobs and each job can have up to 100,000 job planning lines.

The issue we are running into is when users are trying to create new job planning lines or edit fields in existing lines, it takes a almost 4 minutes to switch to the next field or line and its getting longer everyday since more and more job planning lines are being created. The job planning lines page has been customized a bit (new fields and logic)

This is only happening on the jobs module. All other pages don't seem to be giving this issue. We recently upgraded our servers and hardware. RAM is more than enough (probably around 24 GB).

Would updating indexing procedures help with this? Or other options?

Please advise.

Thank you
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