[Nav 6.x CC] Problem using Security Filters

Hi there,
we want to use security filters for fitlering orders per user.
Now we have a problem if there is code written. Example
Filter: 0000..4999
If there is a programming as exaple get(5000) or reset we get an permission error.
is there a way to check the permissions?
in the case of reset the function readpermission would work.
For the other scenario this does not work. Readpermission will also return false when i make a get(4999).
I also negativly tried if get(5000) then ...


  • DuikmeesterDuikmeester Hoorn, The NetherlandsMember Posts: 304
    . This should cause all records outside securityfilters to just be not found. So GET(5000) will be false instead cause an error.
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