Query object not appear in AL Object Designer

PablogrindPablogrind Member Posts: 13
edited 2020-08-04 in NAV Three Tier
Hi, I need view the code of the 2464 query object "Posted Sales Credit Memo Line Items"


I have included the extension "System Application" in app.json file but the code still does not appear


what can I do to check this thanks


  • XwiochXwioch Member Posts: 24
    Hi Pablogrind.
    I have to say that I never used this query objects range before.
    Are this objects new? Because I can't fine them even in NAV 2018 as you can see.

    Anyway I tried to understand in which app is this query and I found this Package ID: de258ad5-6189-410e-97d2-b60863fb0b8c.

    The problem is that there is no app installaed in my environment with this ID, I tried a filter:

    So what I'm thinking is that this are new objects, still not available but maybe they will be used in a next release? I don't really know but well, I'm really curious about them.
    Do you have more information?
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