Strange problem when import txt source in 2009R2


I found strange behavior at one of our bases today.

When importing a file with the source code, where there is an action with additional properties after RunObject, for examle:
      { 42      ;1   ;Action    ;
                      RunObject=Codeunit 15;
                      Image=EditLines }

the classic gives me an error and stops the import.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
You cannot enter ' RunObject=Codeunit 15;' in ObjectID.


But when I remove the porperty
      { 42      ;1   ;Action    ;
                      RunObject=Codeunit 15 }

or change the order of properties
      { 42      ;1   ;Action    ;
                      RunObject=Codeunit 15 }

or change the codeunit number to the codeunit name
      { 42      ;1   ;Action    ;
                      RunObject=Codeunit Gen. Jnl.-Show Card;
                      Image=EditLines }

the file is imported successfully

As I found out in experiments, the main requirement is the absence of "extra" characters after the codeunit number (i.e. ";").

The problem is that when unloading the source texts, the classic decides in what order to unload the properties and corrupt the source code. That is, even if you try to export and import the file without changes, an error occurs.

And the most important thing is that this happens only on one of our bases (so are the development bases derived from it). The rest of the bases work as usual.

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