Error: localhost refused to connect

Nav_ilNav_il Member Posts: 30
Hi All,

I am trying to implement NavUserPassword for Business Central 14. I followed the following post:
and it is working for the Windows Client. However, i keep getting the the below error when i tried launching the web client. I did everything i needed to do according to the Chris Blog post and This

Hmmm… can't reach this page
localhost refused to connect.

Search the web for localhost
Anyone know why i am getting this error and can't display the logging page?


  • foo_barfoo_bar Member Posts: 91
    is the nav web instance running on your localhost or another computer/server?
    What is showing in your IIS manager?
  • Nav_ilNav_il Member Posts: 30
    The Nav Web instance is running on my localhost. In the ISS manager, the form authentication is enabled, anonymous authentication enabled and windows authentication disabled.
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