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KSJKSJ Member Posts: 2
We have a range of labels that we internally print from a plain label, that are applied during manufacture (which may be to order or to stock) To ensure we know which label to print we put it in the BOM, so a prod order will call for Label-0901. Label-0901 doesn't physically exist. We print a Label-0901 from Label-0001 and send it out with the job. The issue is we then have to alter the consumption to consume a label-0001 instead of Label-0901. The cost of printing a label isn't captured (0.05 per label).

I wanted to use an assembly order to create the labels - which I can do if it is assemble to stock - is there anyway to make this work with assemble to order automatically fired when we raise the production order or is there a better way? (We only print at the time the production order is raised and cannot hold the hundreds of labels in stock as they contain a batch number for that order)

I have been scratching my head over this for two years and still not come up with a better way?
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