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Dear All,

In the Cloud, we have two servers one for SQL Database and another for NAV Application (BC Application Server). The SQL Server Machine is running with 8GB RAM (25% Free) & the Application Server Machine is running on 16 GB (50% Free). The database size is less than 2.5 GB. Concurrent users are a maximum of 5. Both the Servers have an efficient processor.

Still, a very simple report is consuming too much time to display preview.
What could be the reasons in this case?

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you,

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    Is the database maintained?
    Are there any index optimizations to be done on the SQL database?

    That said, i'm not super impressed with the performance, Classic were much faster, but we cant live in 2009 for the rest of our lives. I think BC16 is faster than the previous versions.
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    There could also be the disk format to be looked at and Max degree of parallelism, even though the database is quite small
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    What should be these two for the betterment?
    1. Disk Format
    2. Max Degree of Parallelism
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    You've shared a valuable link. I have bookmarked it.
    But I don't think that a simple test environment would require such type configuration. Obviously, I will follow the ms recommendation for the Production level deployment as you mentioned.

    I have a Standard laptop (with 8 GB RAM & i5 Processor) & it provides me better performance.
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    I agree, it should not be the case.

    I tested the max degree, an on a simple customerlist lookup, i went from 7 to 4 seconds, just because i set it to 1.
    Coinsisent, maybe, but try it, no restart needed, and you can change it back.

    Your laptop, does it run on SSD?
    Either way, i have seen excactly the same, a laptop outperforms a server.
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    The laptop has SSD.
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    Thats an advantage - if the server dont have :-)
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    we set the max degree to 1 but still, we have faced the same issue.
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    Index optimize?
    Sorry i cant tell whats wrong, we see the same issues from time to time...
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    Often a disk problem!
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