BC:14 Purchase Header does not use OnValidate Trigger of "Buy-from Vendor Name"

ImperatorMingImperatorMing Member Posts: 13
edited 2020-08-11 in NAV Three Tier
Hey there,
In the standard Application of BC14 im going to write a Purchase Invoice (Page 51, Source Table 38):


When I fill in the "Buy-from Vendor No." everything is fine and the corresponding addressfields and so on are updating:


When im going to change the Vendor Name, only the Vendor No. is updating, but the corresponding addresfields and so on are not Changing:


Next I tried to find the trigger to check the programming, but the message window implemented in the following screenshot from Table 38 does not appear:


I have also checked that the source expression of the corresponding page is the one of that table.
Why can't I control the Vendor name trigger? How to adpot the standar to update the adressfields ect. when changeing the vendor name? I seem to have misunderstood something fundamentally here. can someone help me?


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