BC14: Contact "No." is not set manually

Hey there,

On a fresh installed BC14 I switch on the contact Card to create a new Contact. The Cursor is now marking the field "No.". When I am leaving this field without entering any number, the No. is filled automatically with the next free number and the "OnInsert" Trigger of the Contact Table is running.

On another BC14 version, in which the Standard has already been massively changed through programming, I am missing this behavior. When im leaving the field and didnt enterd anything, nothing will be inserted automatically. I have to click on the "AssistEdit" button to choose the No series. This works, but the OnInsert trigger is also not running.

I would like to change the programming back so that the behavior from the standard is used. But I don't find the place in the standard where the logic is programmed that when leaving the field "No." this is set automatically and the OnInsert trigger is started. Does anyone know where to find it?

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  • ImperatorMingImperatorMing Member Posts: 10
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    The Delayed Insert on the Contact Card has been set to true, so the No has not been set wenn i leave this field free. It is set in the On-Insert Trigger which has not been fired


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