How to send Vendor Remittance via mail to Vendor while posting Payment Journal?

Hi Friends,

[Version: NAV 2018]

I need to send Vendor Remittance via mail to Vendors as soon as Payment Journal is posted.

I have done steps in NAV as mentioned in the blog:
but still I am unable to send mail automatically to Vendors.

1. Configured SMTP Mail Setup (Departments > Administration > IT Administration Services)
2. Confidured Document Sending Profiles (Documents > Administration > Application Setup > General > Document Sending Profiles)
3. Configured Document Layout (Documents > Financial Management > Payables > Vendors). Selected Vendor Remittance from the drop down menu in Document Layout. Given Report ID 11383 (ExportElecPayments - Word) and entered Vendor's mail ID in Send to Email ID.
4. Configured Report Selection – Purchase (Documents > Administration > IT Administration > Reports). Given Report ID 11383 (ExportElecPayments - Word)
5. Bank Account transfer tab is filled in with all the applicable values and the Vendor has a valid Bank Account Card with the “Use for Electronic Payments” flagged.

Can anyone let me know where am I missing?

Thanks in advancs, Aarvi.
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