Reporting - Problem showing all Unit Costs with their Quantity

RoxiiCRoxiiC Member Posts: 1
edited 2020-07-13 in NAV Three Tier
Hey Guys,
im trying to create a Report that can show all Items on my Location with their different Unit Costs and Quantity
Here is an Example:
Did someone have an Idea how i can realize that?
Ive already tried working with Value Entry but didnt has any working Idea
I'm a NAV Beginner so i really hope some of you can help me.
Working with NAV 2018
Have a nice Day


  • ShaiHuludShaiHulud Member Posts: 155
    Check out Report 705 - Inventory Availability. You could copy it to a new report and add the 3 extra fields you want (Inventory, Unit Cost and Inventory Value) without much difficulty.
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