Use "New-NAVServerUser" Powershell command in Container

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I want to use the New-NAVServerUser Command in a container to create a new Nav User. The Container has been build this way:


When im done, i try the following script:


As you can imagine, the Username of the Windows Account on the mashine the container is running on is "User". So this wont work and the error occurs:


This is, because NEWCONTAINER/User already exists. Now I want to create a new Windows User in the container to use the New-NAVServerUser Command. Does anyone Know how it works?
So the overall goal is to get a new NavUser in Table "User 2000000120" on Page "Users 9800" and the User should base on a Windows Account.
Thanks for answers!

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    Tanks, booth answers have helped.

    I forgot the possibility to use the PS of the corresponding Container. Tahnks for Remembering. "Get-NavServerUser" shows, as i already mentioned, that the User is already defined. Using "New-LocalUser" allows me to create a new Windows User. Afterwards i was able to create a BC User based on this new Windows User using "New-NavServerUser -WindowsAccount [...]".
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