G/L Entry Reconciliation

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G/L Entry Reconciliation
This is a G/L Entry Reconciliation functionality, same like 'Apply entry' in other modules G/L entries can be applied to each other to close off to analysis the related/linked entries part amount or Multiple G/L Entries can also be applied i.e. 1 payment for multiple invoices

Mark the G/L Account which need to be reconciled
Setup a no. series on General Ledger Setup

Open Reconcile G/L Entries, mark entries to reconcile, change the amount if part amount need to apply

Objects Modified

Table Extension 50150 "General Ledger Setup"
Table Extension 50151 "G/L Account"
Table Extension 50152 "G/L Entry"
Table 50153 "Reconciled Entries"

Page Extension 50150 "General Ledger Setup"
Page Extension 50151 "G/L Account Card"
Page Extension 50152 "General Ledger Entries"
Page 50152 "Reconcile


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