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We have setup a workflow user group where we added four users to the group, all with sequence 1. This now means that when the document is sent for approval any one of the four users can approve the document and it is then released. It does not have to be approved by all four users.

I changed the Workflow step instance for the line of "when a document is approved" from 'Pending Approvel:0' to always, clearing the filter, and removed the second line where it was set to 'Pending Approval: >0'. These were the instructions I found online. This all works great except for one issue, which is what I need help on.

When the document is sent for approval, all four users have the document listed in their 'Requests to Approve' list as it should be. When one of these users picks up the document and approves it, the document is released and can continue, but the other three users still have that document sitting in their 'Requests to Approve' list. It doesn't clear out once the document is approved. Only when that document is invoiced is it removed from all the lists.

Does anyone know of a setup or step that I need to change in order for the document to be cleared from all users lists when any of them approves it?

Thanks for your assistance.



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  • MBClarkeMBClarke Member Posts: 23
    Hi Alexy,

    Where is that response, and to what step line do I add it?

  • AlexeyShaminAlexeyShamin Member Posts: 17
    Step - An approval request is approved.
    Response - Approve the approval request for the record.
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