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johnnyc313johnnyc313 Member Posts: 93

Is there anyway to undo a shipment that has been posted in error? If not what is the best procedure for reversing it?

Thanks in advance.



  • krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,086
    Starting with version 3.60. On the Posted Sales Shipment-card, there is a function "&Undo Shipment" to undo 1 or more lines of the shipment.
    Before that version there is no way to do it.
    The only thing you can do is invoice it, make a credit memo and make a new order (or increase the quantity on the old order).
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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  • johnnyc313johnnyc313 Member Posts: 93
    Thanks Kriki,

    I knew there was some way to do it, I just couldn't find it. Thanks again.

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