How to check the number of the cumulative update that is installed

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is there a way to check the number of the cumulative update that is installed as for the navision version (About microsoft Dynamics Nav) ?

( version Navision 2018)

Thank you.


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    This can be done easily with Object Analyzer.

    1. You will have to insert your customized Object-set in Object Analyzer and compare it with your standard NAV Version.

    2. Object Analyzer will then provide you with a full overview of your object sets, in just a few minutes.

    3. In this compare you will be able to see how many CU’s that are installed, what CU level all objects have, and more specifically which hotfixes are installed. Furthermore, you can see what is missing, modified, and much more.

    4. Finally, you are also able to update to the desired CU with the Auto-merge tool. 90% of objects will be auto merged (on average), this process only takes a few minutes.

    See the Video or Read more about this function here:
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    You can also do Help / About, and there will be two version numbers. One version will be the platform (the executables), and the other version will be the application (the objects themselves). A quick STFI for both and you can figure out the version and cumulative update. One place to STFI is the list of cumulative updates for NAV 2018 - that table shows build numbers.
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    kylehardin wrote: »
    A quick STFI
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    Thank you for yours answers.
    i'm going to test them.
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