Cannot use web services in Business Central cloud


I have a Business Central cloud where I try to use a web service that connects to page 21 (Customer Card).

The web service is public but when I take the SOAP URL from BC and use it in Chrome, it asks for username and password again and again and again. There are no error messages and when I have entered the information a few times, my account is locked in Outlook.

I have tried this using the SOAP URL from Sandbox and from Production. Same error.

On some customer projects, I have done the same but with a username that is not the same as my personal login to Windows.

I use Widzler to test the connection, but in this case BC doesn't return anything that Widzler can use.

My SOAP URL looks like this (I have changed a few numbers before pasting the link here): Danmark A/S/Page/Debitorer


  • MortenSteengaardMortenSteengaard Member Posts: 128
    When I have done the same on other projects, it has been in older versions of NAV.
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