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Hi there

I have client which is working on Dynamics NAV 2017. There is one function which is creating one of the reports in excel and send on their customer e-mail. The problem starts when some of the customers use old xls formats and they can open only xls formats. When I'm using SAVEASEXCEL function the format by default is xlsx ... I've tried to change name with DocumentNo.xls in extension but in background the file is xlsx - not xls.

So, my question is: Do we have in Dynamics NAV 2017 option for saving files in old excel format (xls).

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    AlexDenAlexDen Member Posts: 85

    You can use Excel.Interop to open the file and save it in the required format.
    But if you want to do it on the service side, then Excel must be installed there.
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    xStepaxStepa Member Posts: 106
    Hi @AlexDen, I don't think so - it's not allowed on server side.
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    AlexDenAlexDen Member Posts: 85
    Hi @xStepa,

    It looks like you are right, it's possible to use only on client side.
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