Error in event log for Business central 2020 Wave 1

ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
I'm getting the following error/warning in event log.
Unable to find defining app group for table with ID 2000000120, when initializing query from app group 2.

Anybody know what it is?

Ahmed Rashed Amini
Independent Consultant/Developer

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    ChenjeraiChenjerai Member Posts: 5
    Hi @ara3n ,

    Did you get an answer to this? Just bumped into it


    Chenjerai Madziwa
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    rxqrxqrxq_zydrxqrxqrxq_zyd Member Posts: 19
    maybe you can change a license?
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    ErikAaesErikAaes Member Posts: 14
    I get these as well, a lot of them.
    I have read somewhere a serverrestart should fix it, but it keeps appearing.
    On your NST you could change, in General, the Diagnostics Trace Level to Error, then these warnings wont appear, but i dont see this a valid fix :-1:
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