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Hi World :) !

In the Dev Environment - Object Designer - Find Functionality....


If I have Find as you Type switched on - I can find an Object one character at a time. So in my screenshot, typed in 'sta' and it has automatically found the Standard Text Table without adding an Enter Option or Pressing the Find First button.

Has anybody been able to find a routine (DotNet, Automation, etc) that can call a similar Search GUI for use in the RTC Environment (Using NAV 2018)? Looking for a way to look through a Customer List and Search through Customer Names - one character at a time?

With thanks
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  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 367
    Hi @Big_D,
    Take a look at this blog:
    I have used the multiple times with success :smile:
    You can change to code to only work with ex. Name
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  • Big_DBig_D Member Posts: 199
    Hi SanderDk
    Apologise for the late reply - thought no one had answered!
    This looks real cool - not heard of it too - will give it ago o:) !
    Big D signing off!
  • Big_DBig_D Member Posts: 199
    Hi SanderDk

    Hope all is well with you!

    Wow this is a great trick - just tried it in NAV 2018 - seems to be a RTC trick as doesn't work in Classic B) !

    Thanks for the great tip o:) !
    Big D signing off!
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