Vendor Approval Workflow issue

I have a created a Vendor Approval Workflow that is triggered on Event "A vendor record is changed". The condition is set to <Always>. I presume this workflow is triggered by the table's OnModify event.

The problem is, when a user edits a Vendor, there could be multiple record saves, and thus multiple Approval Requests are created.

This wouldn't be so bad, but when the Approver approves one of the Approval Request Entries, the record restriction is removed, but it doesn't remove the remaining Approval Request Entries. So you end up with redundant open Approval Request Entries.

Is this normal behaviour, or am I missing something in the way I have set it up? I could add a condition that it only triggers when a specified field is changed, but that only allows me to create a workflow against a single field change, not a more general record change.

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