Something Went Wrong - WebClient external access deployment in Azure VM

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Hi experts,

My problem is I'm having problems granting external access to the NAV webclient and there is no much info I can get from the error (all I get is "Something went wrong") or from the event log (the most meaningful message I get is "ThreadPool.MinworkerThreads…"). I don't know what else to look at so any suggestion would be helpful. The server is in Azure so it is possible that I'm missing some bit on that side, maybe some permissions or user setup is missing.

The scenario is I have installed my BC server in an Azure server (BC14 on premises, 36457). I have created a NavUserPassword NAV service to the Cronus database and created a webclient instance for it on IIS with Powershell.

The website works fine locally, inside the server:

We have asked the IT company to get a SSL cert and publish it externally. When testing it from outside the server it seems to be working fine (it connects to NAV and asks for credentials), but after authenticating, we get a "Something went wrong" message.

I have also a Windows NAV instance, with similar results. In this case, after asking three times for the user and password it says "401 - Unauthorized"

If you have any suggestion on what to look at please let me know.





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