Focus on empty record in tablebox triggers OnInsertRecord()

kenyokenyo Member Posts: 28
Hi, my problem is , i open the form the form already filtered. If no record is found, an empty one is automatically created to set the focus on it. As soon as i try to click somewhere else it tries to insert that empty record into the table which results in an error ( thankfully ). If i set the property focusable to false this problem doesn't occur. But then the user can't select any records at all which they should. Editable is already false and i wonder , since the primary key is empty anyway why the OnInsert trigger is called at all :(

I've tried to exit the oninsert trigger but then the action gets canceled entirely so you can't click or do anything else.

Funnily enough if i touch the scroll bar, the focus is disabled without triggering anything and i can operate the form as intended.

Is there maybe an option that lets me change control properties on the fly ? or do you have any other solution ? Cheers.

P.S: side question: If no filter is set on the table it shows all records. Can i instead show no record at all? because i have a subform in this tab which shows the sales invoice lines according to the selected sales invoice header. but it shows the whole table if nothing is selected.


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  • kenyokenyo Member Posts: 28
    You're a lifesaver, thanks!
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 370
    You're welcome!
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